VQA of Ontario: Building Trust in Ontario Wines

The Vintners Quality Alliance of Ontario claims to not have a direct role in marketing or selling VQA wines, however the VQA labels which are attached to each wine bottle produced in Ontario DO provide a sense of credibility and assurance to customers who seek quality wines. Using this quality assurance logo does have an impact on consumer perception of the Ontario’s wine products.

The VQA Certification logo

The VQA Certification logo

A VQA label on the bottle means that the wine has passed all tests, auditsand inspections executed by the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA). The VQA was designated as Ontario’s wine authority under the Vintners Quality Alliance act in 1999. One of the main objectives of the authority is to control the use of specified terms, descriptions and designations associated with the VQA appellation system(a.k.a Ontario’s wine regions: Niagara Peninsula, Peelee Island, Lake Erie North Shore and Prince Edward Country) thus; protecting the Ontario’s wine region’s and product’s for domestic and international sales.

VQA Ontario’s long term strategic goal…

vqa2to “build a strong and credible appellation system, supported by quality and label integrity, and to raise the recognition and knowledge of each of Ontario’s wine appellations and their unique features”

Senior representatives from the VQA also partake in the OWSSC (Ontario Wine Strategy Steering Committee) which is a government initiative created for the betterment of the Ontario wine Industry.

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A question for you…Whether or not you are a wine drinker, would the VQA label on the bottle really make a difference in your decision to purchase, or not purchase?