Australian Cluster Member CSIRO Announces New CEO

The CSIRO announced their new CEO, and Dr Darren Oemcke, has been appointed as the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the National Wine Industry Research Cluster. This association is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and is associated as one of the five partners of the Australian Wine Innovation Centre. csirodotclear

This is a great opportunity to have Dr Darren Oemeke as their CEO for the National Wine Industry as he is the former Research and Development Manager at United Water International and have experience water management. His experience can greatly benefit this cluster at the Australian Wine Innovation Centre as their mission is to promote and develop the innovation and research and development related to grape and wine industry, through management of water, agriculture and techniques for the wineries.

Based at the Waite Campus in Adelaide (at the University of Adelaide, which is another partner of the Australian Wine Innovation Centre), Dr Oemcke is visiting grape and wine R&D centres, grape-growing and wine-making organisations and major wine companies around Australia to gain a better understanding and experience with this association.

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