Market Development for The Ontario Wine Industry

wineDeveloping a detailed marketing plan for Niagara and culinary tourism is beyond the scope of this strategy, however there are a number of important items which have been identified which effect the overall growth in the industry and the Ontario Wine Research Cluster as whole.

Discussed in the win and culinary tourism marketing strategy, emphasis should be focused on:

“compelling high quality experiences for visitors, targeting high yield visitors for whom wine and culinary experiences are a lifestyle choice, and who have a high propensity to travel for such experiences. Different stratagies will be employed for the Ontario market, the cross-border US market and longer-haul Canadian and international markets.”

Currently there are techniques in place to foster this plan. They include various forms of yield management, reservation systems, targeted packages (wine tours), travel  trade partnerships (partnerships with various tourism hot-spots such as restaurants) and targeted promotions.

Target Market:

For Niagara, the best target market is “adults receptive to higher priced products, who will spend more and who are wine and gastronomy devotees”

Targeted geographic areas for development are: Southern Ontario, Western New York, Northern Ontario, Quebec, adjacent border states in the USA, and other highly populated Canadian cities. Untapped oversea markets also show potential but would be suitable for long term possibilities.

Emphasis is continously placed on making Niagara a “truly world class destination for wine and culinary tourism, with suppliers who are market ready and can deliver quality tourism experiences”


This effort would involve building awareness of quality Ontario wines outside of Ontario through packaging and tourism promotion targeting extra-provincial markets. “There are a number of synergies here”

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