A Society of Wine Lovers in Ontario

Created for the love and enjoyment of wine, The Ontario Wine Society has been around for over 18 years! The Ontario Wine Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 that celebrates the exploration of Ontario wines, through informal, enjoyable and educational tastings and special events. Events are held specifically in the Toronto area and in the Niagara Peninsula region.

2009 "Icewine Weekend" Event

2009 "Icewine Weekend" Event

Events are held 8-10 times per year in Toronto and Niagara. Each event has a a unique theme. For example, some recent events were called the “Outer limits” of Ontario Wine, or “The Great Noir Clone Debate”. Events are held and run by an Wine Industry leader whether they are a winemaker, a wine writer, a Winery owner or even a College or University professor. Most events are based on different kinds of wine tastings, and are accompanied by plates of gourmet food, music and entertainment.

Why is this important?

The answer is quite simple. Events such as these do not only provide wine makers and grape growers the chance to make a name for themselves and gain recognition within the Wine Industry, but it also provides industry members the chance to network, and socialize with Industry leaders. It is at events like these where opportunities and major corporate alliances are initiated.  Thus; events are crucial for cluster growth and advancements.

For a list of past and future events, click HERE.

The Society consists of an extensive list of wineries throughout the Ontraio region. To view the listing, click HERE.