Australian Cluster Member CSIRO Announces New CEO

The CSIRO announced their new CEO, and Dr Darren Oemcke, has been appointed as the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the National Wine Industry Research Cluster. This association is the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and is associated as one of the five partners of the Australian Wine Innovation Centre. csirodotclear

This is a great opportunity to have Dr Darren Oemeke as their CEO for the National Wine Industry as he is the former Research and Development Manager at United Water International and have experience water management. His experience can greatly benefit this cluster at the Australian Wine Innovation Centre as their mission is to promote and develop the innovation and research and development related to grape and wine industry, through management of water, agriculture and techniques for the wineries.

Based at the Waite Campus in Adelaide (at the University of Adelaide, which is another partner of the Australian Wine Innovation Centre), Dr Oemcke is visiting grape and wine R&D centres, grape-growing and wine-making organisations and major wine companies around Australia to gain a better understanding and experience with this association.

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Adelaide, Australia: Home of the Australian Wine Innovation Cluster

Australian Wine Regions (green)
Australian Wine Regions (green)

With South Australia producing such a large proportion of Australia’s wine output, Adelaides centrality to all Australian wine regions and the wine innovation cluster is ideally located to service industry needs at only 6km from the city.  As you can see in the photo to the right, Adelaide is surrounded by many wine regions which are scattered predominately throughout Southern Australia.

The cluster itself brings together five leading research agencies that address the needs of the grape and wine sector in Australia. These firms and institutions are major contributors behind the Australian wine sector and have constantly contributed research and innovation. Although these firms, agencies and institutions are inependent, they have a unique “synergy” which brings them together:

it is in the cluster mode that the synergies appear: the boundaries can quickly disappear and focus the combined capabilities of the partners on any problem in any part of the industry value chain”

The 5 major partners in the Australian Wine Innovation Cluster are:

1) The Australian Wine Institute:
AWRI has contributed development and research and integrated solutions for the wine sector in Australia for more then 50 years. Studies include biochemistry, organix and analytical chemistry, chemical engineering and fermentation management.

2) CSRIO  Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Organization:
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization located in Adelaide. CSRIO contributes to improving the production, processing and marketing of grapes and grape production. Research includes: improving wine, dried rootstock and grape varieties and improving characteristics such as disease control.

3) Provisor Property Incorporated
Provisor is a resource provider for research and development, technical consulting and contract research and  development. The company specializes in area of product development, efficient manufacturing, pilot scale winemaking services and environmental management. The company’s major clients include research  agencies, wine companies, grape growers and grape suppliers.

4) SARDI: South Australia Research and Development Institute
Delivers the innovation to enhance the food, fibre and bioscience industries and living environmental systems. Their mission is to meet specific industry priorities, increase productivity and economic de- velopment performance, pursue innovation in environmental industries, attract investment and develop  infrastructure.

5) The University of Adelaide
Established in 1874, the University is ranked in the top 1% in the world in 11 research fields. The schools is world renown for its studies in agriculture, food and wine. Major research is on topics such as viticulture, horticulture, wine science, biometrics, grapevine physiology and microbial biotechnology.