The Ontario Grape and Wine Research Cluster – Yes, it exists!

Ontario is considered a New World wine producer, with focus on premium winemaking. The unique terrior , skilled viticulturaists, educational and research institutions and talented winemakers combine to create some of the best wines anywhere.
Vineyard located in Peelee Island Ontario,
Vineyard located in Peelee Island Ontario,

Ontario is the most ideal place for research and innovation, as it is home to four worldwide known viticultural areas such as the Niagara Peninsula, Lake Erie, North Shore Peelee Island and Prince Edward County. Ontario’s grape and wine country is classified as a cool climate viticulture region. However grape-growing areas in Niagara South western Ontario experiences hot summers, which enable excellent vintage production.

With growth in wine development, Ontario is striving to gain world recognition by increasing and enhancing overall production of wine processing here in Ontario. In doing so, the Ontario Wine Strategy Steering Committee was developed.

What is the O.W.S.S.C?

The Ontario Wine Strategy Steering Committee is a committee which was developed in 1999, when the Ontario Government initiated a strategic process to focus on securing a strong, prosperous future for the Ontario grape and wine industry. The Committee is lead by the Minisrty of Consumer and Business Services, and also involved senior representatives from the Wine Council of Ontario, VQA, Grape Growers of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.  The end result was “Poised for Greatness“, a strategic plan that reflects an agreement amongst all stakeholders, and provides a strategic framework for further action for the next 20 years of wine in Ontario.

A Common Desitination

Everyone involved in the OWSSC is aware that the wine industry is not only “poised for greatness”, but they all have come together to develop and adopt a focused strategy with the concerted, corporative action needed to win a “prosperous future” future. All the members in the committee have developed 6 key objetcives that will provide a common ground for the industry to move forward:

  • Targeting those varietal in which Ontario excels
  • Pursuring premium quality
  • Investing in the VQA brand
  • Nurturing wine tourism
  • Making Ontario wine broadly available
  • Forging partnership within the industry

For more information click HERE for a pdf, created by the OWSSC.

few members of the Ontario Grape and Wine Research Cluster are:

  1. The Wine Council of Ontario (WCO)
    The WCO is a non-profit trade association with a leadership role in marketing and establishing policy and future directions for the wine industry in Ontario. It acts as a liaison and coordinating body between Ontario wineries, Grape growers and government groups.
  2. Grape Growers of Ontario
    This association plays as an advocate for al processing grape growers in Ontario ensuring their grape growing needs are met. Their mission is to work with industry partners to achieve sustainable growth and profitability by creating an improved environment for Ontario-grown grape products.
  3. The Vineland Innovation Research Centre
    The objective of this organization is to become the world-class researcg institution and international hub for horticulture and floriculture research,  innovation and commercial activity.